Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Livayo project management?
No. Project management is a set of one-time tasks completed over a long period of time. Livayo is for recurring daily tasks that never go away.
How long does it take to implement Livayo?
1 hour. After a brief orientation you will have 5-10 daily routines that you can start tomorrow. Livayo tasks are built out over time not all at once.
How much does Livayo cost?
$500 per month. Livayo is sold through authorized dealers and each dealer sets their price to include help with implementation or other services they offer.
Why was Livayo created?
To free me up to focus on more important things. There are three types of work: projects, incidentals, and routines. I make sure I get my routine tasks done first, like chores. Then I focus on incidentals and projects.
Who is Livayo for?
Managers. Livayo is for people who need to document and track completion of daily, weekly, monthly tasks assigned to others.
Who is Livayo?
Livayo was created and is owned by Rick Carter